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Exactly how do I go about trading in or selling my car?

1. Register your car and receive our offer.

2. Happy with your offer? We’ll plan a date of sale with you.

3. Want to buy a used or new car? We’ll handle the search.

4. We’ll come and collect the car from the agreed sales location on the date of sale.

5. We’ll arrange all the paperwork on the spot (warranty, insurance, road tax, MOT).

6. You’ll have your money in your account within an hour.

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Would you like to trade in your car or sell it quickly, but don’t have the time to search extensively for the best price for your car? Or are you simply not in the mood to deal with car sellers who want to haggle over the price? At European Auto Commerce you are guaranteed to receive the best price, and can also very easily trade in or sell your car.

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A fixed price prevents financial disappointments

Many people find selling their car through a dealer annoying. They don't want to have to haggle or can’t see the forest for the trees. And once they finally do sell their car, they’re often left wondering whether they really got what the car was worth. We offer a fixed price for your car. We won’t therefore haggle or negotiate the price later.

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Get the best deal without any hassle

European Auto Commerce is not a car dealer, nor is it a garage. We have no used or new cars in stock and no showroom. Our overhead costs are exceptionally low. This enables us to offer a higher sales price for cars. From which you reap the benefits.

The benefits for you

Have your car appraised from your living room sofa
Paperwork is arranged immediately
The best price without any negotiation
You save time and money
We come to you for the sale

Provide us with real information about your car and receive a reliable sales price within four hours.

Reasons for selling your car through European Auto Commerce

Unique concept

Full service

Experienced car experts

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National coverage


A fair, fixed price

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