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You want to buy a new car, but…

  • Where can you find the car you’re looking for, with the accessories you want and good mileage?
  • How can you be sure you’re not paying too much?
  • How do you remotely appraise the condition of the car?
  • How do you spot hidden flaws or a tampered odometer reading?
  • Does looking for a new car take more time than you would like it to take?

Help buying a new car

For many people, a car is one of the biggest purchases we make in our lives. Do you want to drive enjoyably, reliably and affordably, but have little knowledge of the market and don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of time looking for another car? Then call in the buying assistance of European Auto Commerce.

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A personal approach ensures the right purchase

How does it work?

Your wishes and requirements

We make an inventory of your wishes and requirements for your next car, answer your questions and formulate clear search criteria.

We handle the purchase

Wherever the car comes from, we handle the purchase, the import of the car and all the required paperwork. We put the car in your name and deliver it to your home with a Dutch registration number.

We begin our search

We search in the Netherlands and throughout Europe for cars that meet all your needs. You receive a non-binding offer within four hours.


You pay when the car is delivered to you.

Your choice

You receive extensive information, explanations and prices from us, including about import. You look to see whether your perfect car is included.

Do you want to trade in or sell your current car first?

Get a non-binding sales price within four hours.

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Not a smooth salesperson, but an independent buying assistant

An independent buying assistant ensures that you get an affordable car that fully meets your specific needs. In the exact colour and with the accessories you want. With a minimum of 1 year warranty, a transparent maintenance history and a competitive sales price. That makes driving fun!

The benefits of assistance when buying a car

We know the market and help you avoid a bad purchase

You buy a car that you’re sure is worth the money

Bigger range to choose from

Your perfect car at a competitive price

Certainty that you’re not overpaying

Frequently asked questions

Our expertise and experience allow us to properly appraise the car based on its maintenance history. We don’t sell cars if we have any doubts with regard to their maintenance history or condition. In addition, you get a minimum of 1 year warranty and the car is MOT-certified for one year, so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected costs.

We only offer cars with a verified odometer reading. This verification is performed in various ways, including via the car’s maintenance history and the maintenance invoices.

We offer assistance with buying a used or new car in all price ranges from € 8,000. This also applies if you want to buy an imported car! We search throughout the Netherlands and Europe for the car that suits you best in terms of price and requirements. You receive a non-binding offer that you can compare with other providers in the market. This service is free and creates no obligations.

Why buy a new car with the assistance of European Auto Commerce?

Unique concept
Wide range tailored to your needs
Personal contact
Best online price
Experienced car experts
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Buy an imported car in Europe; more car for less money

Buying an imported car has lots of advantages. Many used vehicles from Germany and other European countries have more features and lower mileage, and are also cheaper. Which is why importing a German car is so popular. But did you know that there is even more to be gained from buying a car in other European countries? That’s why we search in all European countries, so that you can easily buy a car with even more features within your budget.

Want to buy a new car, hassle-free?

We are happy to help.

Enter your details here and we’ll contact you within four hours (*). We’ll discuss your wishes and requirements and formulate clear search criteria. We’ll then get to work for you and you’ll receive a non-binding offer within four hours.

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