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Frequently Asked Questions about car appraisals

The current market value is determined on the one hand on the basis of the registration number, the odometer reading and the maintenance condition of your car. On the other hand, the current market value you get depends on the sales channels through which the car is resold. We know where we can get the best price for your car, which is reflected in the current market value we offer you. Get your car appraised and receive a good price for your car within four hours.

Selling your car in a hurry is not a good idea. Want a little time to consider the offered price? Or compare it to the current market value offered by other dealers? We’ll give you the time you need. The sales price we offer is valid for 10 days.

If you decide to sell your car, schedule a personal sales appointment with us right away. Do you want to trade in your car or buy a used or new car? European Auto Commerce offers personal help when choosing and buying a new or used car.

Our car appraisal service is a no-obligation service and is free of charge. It remains free of charge, even if you don’t end up selling your car through us.

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